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Dental for Kids

Children’s preventive and general Dentistry

At Dental On Hollywood, our dentists are experienced in providing advice and treatment for children of all ages. When good oral hygiene habits start from a young age, they tend to last a lifetime and lead to good oral health and overall health for your kids. We enjoy teaching both parents and their children how to look after their teeth, the best way to brush them and explaining what sorts of foods should be minimised or avoided to prevent holes from forming. It is important to look after your child’s teeth as soon as they appear in the mouth.


While many people believe it does not matter if a “baby tooth” develops holes or has to be pulled out, there can be permanent consequences to the adult teeth underneath. If a baby tooth with a large hole develops an abscess, this can cause damage to the adult tooth waiting to erupt, resulting in discolouration or damage to its shape. When teeth are taken out too early, often the adult teeth come through at the wrong time or in the wrong place, increasing the likelihood that orthodontic treatment will be needed.


As dental professionals, we help guide parents in how to best look after their children’s teeth to prevent these problems from happening. We offer fluoride treatment and where needed, fissure sealants to prevent cavities from developing. If little holes start to form, we can place quick and painless fillings to ensure the baby teeth remain strong and healthy until it is time for them to fall out. Our careful and caring approach means that children of all ages are able to be seen and treated at our clinic in Bondi Junction. We recommend that parents bring their children in early to get them used to coming to the dentist, and so that we can catch any little problems before they become major ones.