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Why does my tooth hurt?

Why does my tooth hurt?

Why does my tooth hurt?

There is no feeling quite like a toothache. Anyone who has experienced pain from their teeth will know how uncomfortable it can be and the need to resolve it quickly. Part of the anxiety can arise from not knowing the cause of the pain or how it can be fixed. At Dental on Hollywood we understand how distressing a toothache can be and ensure you are treated as soon as possible to make sure you are pain-free and comfortable once again.

To understand the cause of tooth pain it’s useful to keep in mind the structure of a tooth. The two inner layers of the tooth, the dentine and the pulp, are protected by an outer, hard layer called enamel. If these inner layers get exposed (through loss of enamel or gum recession), the nerve components of the dentine and pulp are triggered, causing a pain sensation.

If the enamel layer of the tooth is getting worn away, the tooth can feel very sensitive. This most commonly happens after consuming something cold, such as ice-cream or a cool drink. If bacteria have broken down the enamel (in the process known as tooth decay or dental caries), they can start to destroy the inner dentine layer, and the tooth often becomes painful. If the bacteria keep going and reach the pulp, you will get an aching, throbbing pain (known colloquially as a “toothache”), which means the pulp or nerve of the tooth has been damaged irreversibly.

At our Bondi Junction clinic, our dentists are able to diagnose your type of pain with a thorough examination of the tooth using x-rays and special tests. The proper treatment to reduce your dental pain depends on your diagnosis, but can include fluoride varnishes, fillings or root canal therapy. Tooth pain can usually be treated quickly, allowing you to return to normal daily function after your dental appointment.

Sometimes tooth pain can disappear on its own, but invariably the pain will return, often worse than before. Many routine dental procedures, including regular check-ups, full mouth cleans and fissure sealants are designed to protect your teeth from damage and prevent pain from occurring in the first place. By visiting the dentist regularly, you give your teeth the best chance to remain strong, healthy, and free from pain. Call us at Dental On Hollywood if you’re looking for a solution for your tooth pain, or if you’d like to arrange a check-up appointment to help protect your teeth from further damage.


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