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How can I replace my missing tooth?

How can I replace my missing tooth?

How can I replace my missing tooth?

There are many reasons a tooth might be missing – some can be lost in an accident, some develop large holes and have to be pulled out, while others may simply never develop due to genetic reasons. A missing tooth can often be distressing, particularly if noticeable when a person smiles. Fortunately, our dentists at Dental on Hollywood are able to provide a number of replacement options for missing teeth including implants, dentures, and bridges, delivered in a comfortable manner with the latest technology.


A missing tooth is not necessarily a bad thing; many people have had a tooth taken out and found that its impact has been minimal. However, it is important to understand the potential consequences of not replacing a missing tooth. Chewing ability is often compromised, placing more stress on other teeth as a compensation mechanism. Aesthetically it can be a concern, especially if it affects a person’s smile. The tooth above a missing space will often over-erupt into the gap, sometimes exposing the root of this tooth and causing sensitivity problems. Teeth either side of the space can also tilt into the gap, altering a person’s bite.

Our dental clinic in Bondi Junction provides several replacement options for missing teeth, including dental implants. An implant is an excellent definitive and aesthetic treatment option that is designed to look and act like a natural tooth. At Dental on Hollywood we use radiographic and computer-assisted technology to guide our surgical placement of implants, ensuring an accurate and comfortable placement. Once placed, an implant remains in the mouth indefinitely without compromising the teeth next to it. Simply brushing and flossing the implant like a regular tooth will ensure it remains strong and long-lasting.


Our dentists also offer other replacement options for missing teeth, including dentures and bridges. At Dental on Hollywood we provide the latest generation of dentures, including comfortable lightweight dentures that mimic your teeth and gums, and digitally designed cast-metal dentures with great strength and accuracy of fit. We also offer bridges as a treatment option to replace missing teeth at our Bondi Junction clinic. This involves slightly shaving both teeth either side of the lost tooth and placing a joined cover over the shaved teeth and the missing space (see image below). A bridge remains in your mouth after placement and doesn’t need to be removed at the end of the day, similar to an implant.

Traditionally, full dentures were the only replacement option when a person was missing every tooth in their mouth. However, our dentists at Dental on Hollywood also provide several advanced replacement options for all missing teeth, including All-On-4 and full mouth implant crown-and-bridge. Using surgical guidance and the latest TGA approved materials, we are able to place implants and construct a full set of teeth that specifically attaches to these implants, giving you a comfortable bite and an aesthetic smile. If you’re thinking of replacing one or more missing teeth, arrange a consultation with one of our dentists and we’ll discuss the best treatment option for you.


Dr Anthony Chepurin