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Sleep Apnoea Treatment and Anti-Snoring Devices

Sleep apnoea treatment/Antisnoring devices

Sleep apnoea is a sleep disorder involving periods of decreased breathing or pauses in breathing while sleeping. It is a fairly common disorder which is undiagnosed in many people that can result in snoring and sleepiness throughout the day. The interruption to breathing while asleep can lead to an increase in blood pressure, which is associated with diabetes, obesity and heart problems. Our dentists at Dental On Hollywood are trained to recognise the common signs and symptoms of sleep apnoea, and are able to recommend a visit to your GP or a sleep physician for further testing.


Once sleep apnoea has been diagnosed, a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine has traditionally been used to keep your airways open and prevent interruptions to breathing. However, CPAP machines are often uncomfortable to wear and difficult to get used to. “SomnoDent” Oral Appliances are a highly effective alternative to CPAP in the treatment of sleep apnoea for the majority of cases. From our Bondi Junction clinic, we work with an official SomnoDent laboratory to create a custom-made, comfortable appliance that is worn at night to ensure efficient management of sleep apnoea. Call us at Dental On Hollywood to arrange a consultation where our dentists can discuss the details of sleep apnoea treatment using SomnoDent.